Our lounge is for the comfort of both Studio A & B clients.  With fresh baked refreshments, multiple flat screens,  movies of your choice,  music videos, TV channels or to simply listen in on sessions from Studios A or B in Full HD quality, our lounge should make your recording experience like no other.  Rent out the entire building for listening parties and private events. Our media screens can play one source through out the entire building and all rooms at the same time. 

Studio B is excellent for private projects, radio commercials, video documentaries & musical voice overs.  This room has 2ft thick walls, touch screen mixing, is extremely quiet and has playback sound quality that is simply amazing.  A few celebrities found the private recording space to be "A Dream Land" and love the color changing walls to fit the mood.  Seats 3-4 people.


Studio A gives you the true sound of the professional industry recording.  From gut pounding club level play back, to the true sounds of analog with digital HD, to the reviews on our acoustically pure vocal booth Studio A is the choice for the professional that prefers the best sound second to none.  Hear your project like never before and get the sound you need on the spot guaranteed.