STUDIO A:   Gives you the true sound of the professional recording industry.  From major vibes under the "Wraith" inspired Stars, (4)15 inch woofers and 18inch Subs for earthquake play back, sounds of our own signature HD interfaces, modified vintage gear, to the complete privacy in sound proof walls Studio A is the choice for the best sound second to none.  When High Profile Artists come to Charlotte this room is always 1st pic.  Hear your project like you should and get the sound you deserve.

STUDIO A SONY: VIP Billboard Quality records on the Sony C800G.  Well known for countless hitsaround the world, the quality of this amazing crystal clear mic is a sure perfect shot. It does make a huge difference on any record.  This mic has its own custom tuned room to guarantee pure vocal satisfaction.  Along with other rare vintage mics in our VIP, add this room along with Studio A control room for plenty of space.  It also takes an amazing system to capture amazing vocals as you can count on our signature HD System.  This room was perfect for names like Anthony Hamilton to Platinum Engineer BigKrucial for Blocboy JB and many more.  Vocals automatically sit perfectly in the mix saving time with ease.  Ask about bottles service.


STUDIO B:  A non sleeper that will still shock you with sound still better than the average.  This room has thick walls for great sound acoustics, in desk screen for engineering, a colorful comforting environment with enough power to still deliver quality recordings.  Clients still found the recording space to be a great spot to record and love the color changing walls to fit the mood.  This is great quality still.